Mouse (2021)


A gripping story set in a world in which people can identify psychopaths using a DNA test of a fetus in the womb.

Jung Ba Rum is an honest and kind novice police officer who believes in justice. After a confrontation with a serial killer-psychopath whose ruthless murders have terrified the entire country, his life completely changes.

Go Mu Chi is an accomplished detective whose parents were murdered when he was young. Since then, the goal of his life has been to find the killer and avenge the death of his parents. To catch the criminals, Go Mu Chi is ready to resort to any means, not caring about the law or the rules.

Oh Bon Yi is a troubled high school student who lives with her grandmother and is well versed in martial arts. Every time she bumps into neighbor policeman Jung Ba Rum, they start to bicker with each other in a funny way.

Choi Hong Joo is a talented director and producer known as “Sherlock Hong Joo.” She also holds a secret that connected her to a murderer as a child.

Broadcast from 03.03.2021 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:50

Also known as: 마우스 Mauseu


Status: Completed

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