Our Beloved Summer (2021)

Our Beloved Summer (2021)
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Synopsis: This is a romantic comedy about the complicated feelings of a young couple. The main characters of the series, Choi Woon (Choi Woo Shik) and Gook Young Seo (Kim Da Mi), began dating in high school and became close during the filming of a documentary, their high school project. But their love shattered and they parted, hoping to never meet again. But fate brings them together again. Their film suddenly gains popularity ten years later, and they have to face the cameras again together.Guk Yong Seo was one of the best students at school, but now she is trying to cope with the problems that stand in her way.Choi Woon seems to be an immature guy with a free spirit, but shows his sincerity when he finds what he wants for the first time in life.Documentary director Kim Ji Woon (Kim Sung Chul), who has always been in the role of an observer start to change when he makes a documentary about Choi Woong and Gook Yeon Soo.Original Network: SBS;Also known as: 그해 우리는 Geu Hae Woorineun Geu Hae Woolineun Geuhae Urineun Geuhae Ulineun /That Year We Are /That Year, We /Us That YearAirs from 06.12.2021 on Mondays and Tuesdays.